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Should I Die Now...Or Die Later?!?! What Do You Think?!?!

Im so out of it lately,I don't know what the hell is wrong w/ me! I seriously am not the same person anymore and I need someone to be here for me and there's really no one like that for me! I mean there is but I want to kind of just hang out w/ different people for once! I need to go out there and just have a good time w/o the whole partying thing,I guess! I dont I said "I don't know what the hell is wrong w/ me"! I'm just so depressed for like no reason at all,how stupid is that?!?! Someone please help me!!! And to top things off...Valentine's Day is coming up and guess who has no one...??? ME!!! Well anywho Im gonna go and try to find something fun to do so bye! =`(
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i know u know but i'm just reassuring u that i'm always here for u! thats what best friends are for and i know u don't exactly mean that no ones there for u i kinda understand what u mean but u know if u ever need i'm here! i luv ya! Jen
don't worry about it it happens to us all at somepoint. Its fucked up shit yea but You just deal w/ it. You know jen will always be there for you and so will everyone else so long as u let them. Good luck!! Go to bri u'll like it