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!!!!!!!I'm Alive!!!!!!!!!

Woo Hoo... and perfect timing too cuz (hopefully) tomorrow I'm getting my lip done! I'm sooo excited! I'm gonna cry! And the best part is,is that I'm not even sick anymore,I feel much better! And oh yeah...Thanx guys for calling me!!! I really appreciate it! =`( <-------------- Anywho,how was everyone's New Yar?!?! Mine sucked ass cuz last night I was still kinda out of it,but oh well what can you do huh?!?! And there was a hugs party last night too that Jamie Lamont was having but I dobn't like her so things even out I guess! I really don't even know what to write about becasue nothing really happened,I was stuck at home,bored outa my mind! Oh...I went to dinner w/ the family last night,we ate at the Olive Garden and the food was delicious! ;) Umm...oh and I guess I'm quitting my job and I'm gonna start working at Black Angus according to my parents and go to Bartending school as well! Hmmm...a lil' odd don't ya think?!?! Oh and we're moving! LOL Okay that's it for now..more later,bye!
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