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Blah...I'm So Sick & Tired...

I want to shoot myself in the head,that's how sick I am and thank God I didn't have to work today or else! But I have to work tomorrow morning at 10-6...bastards! So,how was everyone's Christmas?!?! Mine sucked until Jen came over lol! But I got my phone and that's all it matters,the drums come later! Oh and thanx guys for caring about me!!! Seriously I can't breathe out of my nostrils!!! Call me on my new cell and tell me that you care and that I hope I feel better!!! Please!!! =`( Well that's it for now cuz I gotta do my hair for tomorrow but "Hey...I'll be expecting some calls here"!!! And by the way...Jason nad Alex...You're gift will be sent later on this week,tootles!
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