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Woo Hoo...More Shoppin'!!!

I guess I should be excited to go to the mall and go shopping cuz I'm a girl and I like to do that stuff but I'm so F'n tired of "Malls" in general! Oh well,I'm getting presents for my sister's best friend Jen and something for Alex and Jason cuz I love those guys,they're tiiiiigggghhhht! J/k Anyways...yep we're goin' as soon as my mom gets her ass in the shower! Oh and also...guess what?!?! Jen and I are going to visist you guys in New York this summer so get ready to show us around guys!!! Umm...what else happened?!?! Last night was crappy cuz we didn't do shit! Jen and I were suppose to go out w/ the girls and go see some strippers (lol) and just hang out but uhh...yeah they're flakes so we went to the mall,talked to my friend Joe at Hot Topic for like an hour,or half an hour,one of those, Than we went to all the other stores pretty much and Jen gotta belt and we both got charms for our necklaces..."Gosh jen,they were damn expensive huh?!?!" (inside joke)! And after that we drove around andgot Jack In The Box and went home so yeah...we lead exciting live...NOT! But uh,I g2g now and get ready to shop so bye guys! xoxo
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