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I'm Hurt,Confused,and Stupid all at the Same Time...

Should I be feeliong like this?!?! Yesterday was horrible! I went online,went to Xanga and read Jen's and Isac's journal. Well the stuff Isac had written wasn't very good at all and it worried me so I called him but no answer. So my mom and I drove to his house and his dad was there and his dad had asked what happened so I told him what he had wrote and went to go look for him! Isac wrote something like "I hate life,I'm gonna die soon...and I hope it's painful" or something or other! I don't know...wouldn't you be freaked out!?!? So Isac called me later on that day and I asked him if his dad found him nad he asked why and I told him why so I guess he was mad at me that I told his dad that..."NO" he was mad at me! But what else was I suppose to do?!?! I thought something had really happened to him! I don't know so later on that night we had talked and it led to us of course and I told I would try to work on us but he flipped things around and told he was busy watching a movie,and you know what?!?! I am not one to be playing games right now...either you work w/ me here or you don't and he's gonna choose not to than screw it,no seriously screw it! Yeah,I need him in my life but not like this! He can call me when he's not too busy to talk,other than that I'm not gonna call unless I absolutely need to! Okay well I think that's it for now so bye!
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