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Like I Said...

The journal that my very good friend Jason made me is AWESOME! I think he's even more awesome though! Anywho...I'm bored and hey I decided to update! Oh and thanx Alex for that rude comment...I'm sad now! Let's ee if u get a Christmas present!!! j/k You'll get one! Umm...speaking of presents I have to go to the Brea mall and see if they still have that certain something for Isac that my mom wanted to get him. He doesn't even deserve it right now,he hasn't called me! You always go wrong if you don't call me when ypu're suppose to! He probably won't even call me at all but am I suppose to care?!?! In a way "yeah" but in another very big way "no"!!! I don't even know what to do anymore...this is all madness between us and it shouldn't be like this at all,but it is and what can I do about it?!?! I'm not gonna mope around about it,I'm gonna go out w/ my pals and and have fun,trying to do whatever that would keep my mind off of things. Speaking of doing that...after Jen and I finally got off the computer,we went driving around and saw our god friend Boma and hung out w/ him and the other guys at Plush Que (I think I spelled that one wrong 4 sure)! It was alright I guess,it'll do for now but I'm gonna now and take a nice warm shoer cuz it's freezing so bye!
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