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I Really Hate When People Aren't Understanding!

I got off the phone w/ Isac not too long ago and we were talking and of coarse got into a mini argument. We had made a deal...If I move to New York than he goes to the army or something or other! But tonight I told him that I wanted to go to New Yirk just for the weekend and he told me he would go to the army than! Hello...our deal is he's going only if I move there,not for the weekend!!! But he's not understanding and won't listen to me and he doesn't see how lame he is and how gay he's being! I'm sick and tired of it! Aaaahhhh! Anywho,I didn't have to go in today but my mom and I went shopping and I came home,went online to see if they had Jason's shirt and went to bed..yep what a long and tiring day huh?!?! But I'm gonna go now and get ready to do my nails so bye!
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